I’m Watching You

I’m Watching You

No one reads my blog, except probably you. So here’s the thing.

I want to live the rest of my life without worrying about being stalked. I already know what you’re capable of. I did not and I still do not deserve the pain you caused. You killed my family. You killed my dog. You tried to kill me. You lied to people about it. You manipulated my family to do your bidding. You harassed me, you threatened me, you terrorized me. I deserved love, but you were full of hate. You still are.

The law is on my side, you are forbidden to come within 500 feet of me for the rest of your life. You are forbidden to speak to me in person, through a third party or disguised as a Twitter follower. If I ever discover that you are out there trying to get to me, you will go back to prison, only this time it will be for the rest of your life. If you ever harm one of my babies, I will personally see to it that you pay the price.

Go live the rest of your pathetic life in isolation, which is how I’m living mine. Because of you, I will die alone and I wish the SAME for you. We’re both atheists, but if there’s the slightest possibility that god and the devil exist, I hope you BURN in HELL for eternity.

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