Hateful Content

Hateful Content

A few weeks ago, I posted a cute video on Twitter of my cat Luna playing with her favorite toy. She was biting and scratching it basically being ADORABLE. I added the caption “Die, pink bitch, die” never suspecting it would cause a problem. The next day, I woke to a message from Twitter telling me my account was suspended for 24 hours for “hateful content”. Really??? I’ve had an account for 10 years and I’ve never been suspended, even at my worst raging PTSD bitch moments when I was calling every other person a cunt. But my cat video sent me to Twitmo.

A week ago, I lost my cool with America’s RAPING RACIST “president” for spewing hatred and inciting violence. I said I wished he’d do us all a favor and die on the toilet. Uh-oh, I said “die” again. Twitter suspended me for a week. During that time, 2 hateful toxic men, one with a Trump inspired manifesto slaughtered dozens of innocent people with weapons they shouldn’t have had access to. Like everyone else, I was devastated and angry AF. I couldn’t express myself on my LilyBell82 account, so I used my backup Domestic Violence Support Group account.

When my original account was reinstated, I was vocal about Twitter’s double standard regarding hateful content because they punish people like me and turn a blind eye to Trump and his minions when it comes to spreading hate and inciting violence. I called out Jack personally about his inconsistency in enforcing Twitter rules.

This week, a pack of hateful racists attacked me because I am anti-Trump and his racism. Each one that I muted got their friends to join in and gang bang my account with abusive tweets. I considered it targeted harassement and I reported them. But I made the mistake of saying to one account “Racist bitch, fuck you”. Then I went on with my day and watched in horror as the White Supremacist in chief paraded through Dayton and El Paso like a “rock star”, complete with photo ops and ego stroking. He used mass slaughter to promote himself, that filthy fucking PIG.

This morning, I woke to another message from Twitter. This time, both of my accounts have been indefinitely suspended for “hateful content” because I told a racist to fuck off. And NONE of the accounts I reported was found to be in violation of the Twitter rules.

I’m convinced the Raping Racist in Chief has a deal with Jack that allows him to spread hatred, racism and misogyny at will. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if  Jack is benefitting financially from this agreement.

I AM PISSED. Twitter is trying to silence me just like my ex-husband who tried to murder me, just like my family who betrayed me and just like all the toxic men out there who harass and threaten me.

I want everyone to know about this double standard. When and if I’m ever back on Twitter, I will be very vocal about what’s happening. As long as Trump rallies his hateful minions to hurt people, I will call out Twitter for enabling it and punishing the people who resist.


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