I Am Done

I Am Done

My husband tried to kill me because I had a Twitter account. You read that right, he lit my house on fire because he didn’t like the attention I was getting on Twitter. Then he managed to convince my whole family that I was a “Twitter Whore”. I lost everything, my house, my dog who he killed in the fire, my children, my brothers and sisters. He kept me isolated for years and when I reached out on Twitter and made friends, he tried to murder me.

I clawed my way through PTSD, internet predators disguised as white knights, and my abusive husband stalking my on-line activities and threatening me for every post. I kept my Twitter account because it was my lifeline to friendship and support that I never had before because he took away my freedom. Twitter introduced me to the love of my life, music, art, poetry and activism.

Twitter’s Jack has erased my voice. I am permanently suspended for:

  1. Posting a cat video with the word “die” in it. (24 hours)
  2. Telling our racist president I wished he’d die on the toilet. (1 week)
  3. Defending myself against white supremacists (permanently)

Jack has done what my ex-husband always wanted. He took away my voice. He isolated me. He erased me. He made me feel ashamed to be me.

The patriarchy has defeated me. I am done. Sorry folks, this is the end of my story. Take care of yourselves.



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