Twitter Double Standard

Twitter Double Standard

I am being targeted by Twitter. I am outspoken about issues such as gun violence, racism and, for obvious reasons, violence against women. As I said before, my @Lily_Bell82 account was suspended for the first time a few weeks ago because I posted a video of my cat. When it was reinstated, I tweeted at Twitter and Jack asking why they’d suspend someone like me for posting my cat shredding a toy but still allow our racist, sexual predator president to target women in congress, target Elijah Cummings and the City of Baltimore, incite violence against immigrants and fuel the flames of white supremacy.

I admit it, I am an angry woman. I try to use that anger in a positive way, but sometimes I fail. My anger sent me back to Twitmo, this time for saying “ugh, I hope you do us all a favor and die on the toilet” to our “president” while he continued to place people in REAL danger. Boom, I was gone for a week. And again I called Twitter out on this double standard after my weeklong suspension. Within four days of being reinstated, I was permanently banned from Twitter on my regular account AND my backup domestic violence support group account.  This is why:  I was having a conversation with one of my friends about how detestable we found Donald J Trump to be. Suddenly, I was being gang banged by a pack of racist MAGA wolves. I responded a few times, once with a “fuck off”, and then blocked or muted. I also reported every one of those racists.

I went to bed and woke up to messages from Twitter saying both of my accounts were permanently suspended. Also, I was told that every one of the accounts I reported for targeted harassment did not violate Twitter rules. WHAT????? I filed appeals for both accounts and was denied. Twitter also threatened me, saying creating new accounts to avoid suspension is against Twitter rules.

Does this mean I am forever banned from making another account? I don’t even fucking know. But I do know this, I have lost my voice while hateful people continue to use theirs to spread conspiracy theories, targeted harassment toward others and threaten people. The other day, I reported an incel for saying that women deserved to be beaten and shot. I was told HE WAS NOT IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES. Let that sink in.

The violation is burning inside me. I feel so violated – AGAIN. I’ve lived through sexual assault, arson, my pet’s murder, loss of my whole family, stalking and judicial abuse. My abuser was a white male, a toxic Brett Kavanaugh who cried and played victim after he tried to murder me. And during that time, he stalked, harassed and threatened me. He scared me into submission and got a slap on the wrist while I suffer the consequences for the rest of my life.

My Twitter friends have been a HUGE part of helping to manage my PTSD and anxiety after an attempted murder. That support system has been stolen from me. I feel isolated and alienated, exactly the way my murdering ex-husband wanted me to feel. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH TWITTER.

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