Rebranding – AGAIN

Rebranding – AGAIN

I’m not on social media for popularity. My abuser would say otherwise but that’s because he was so full of jealousy he kept me isolated from the world for most of my life. I’m on social media because I have opinions. I care about issues, especially the ones involving the patriarchy. Toxic men are destroying this world through misogyny, racism, religious propaganda, global warming, gun violence – I could go on.

I had a Twitter account in 2008. After six years, I made a new account because my domineering ex demanded I give up the one I had so I could follow the people he wanted me to follow and so that he could monitor my activities easier. I named it Muse87. In January 2015, Muse87 had become much too popular for my abuser to come to terms with. He told me to stop tweeting. I said no. He tried to kill me.

I survived, but Muse87 was killed off because he successfully launched a smear campaign through slut-shaming and lies. The Muse had to go because I couldn’t handle the pressure he, his family and even my own family put on me. They were disgusted by the atheist, naked nun tweeting Twitter whore that I had become.

I rebranded and for almost 5 years I was @LilyBell_82. I loved that account because I defied my abuser, my family and every other slut-shamer to bring her to life. I loved Lily Bell because she was an artist, a musician, a writer, and an activist. She was me. Twitter successfully killed Lily Bell with no chance to bring her back. Why? Because she upset the patriarchy.

But I won’t stop doing what I do no matter what anyone thinks about me. I won’t be murdered and I won’t be silenced. I am a fighter. I hope my friends drop in on my new Twitter account to say hi. You can find me at @RealMuse87.

The Muse lives.

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