Erased and Replaced

Erased and Replaced

Be careful about freely giving away your trust. No one is immune to being erased and replaced. It’s not just strangers you should be cautious of. It could be anyone, even those you’ve known for your whole life. Be proactive and assess whether your lover, family, friends, any of the people closest to you do in fact live by their words and honestly love you just for being you. Most will try to change you.

They may tell you they love you just the way you are, but they really want to mold you into what suits their needs. And if you fail to be compliant, if you’re troublesome, you will be erased and replaced. It’s all about control. They love their dominance over you. They will trivialize you to build up their own self-esteem. They will hurt you and pretend not to notice when you’re left feeling insignificant.

Covet your trust, keep it close to your heart. Because betrayal of trust will shatter your heart each and every time. Betrayal is a deal-breaker in any relationship.

Love yourself, respect yourself, own your thoughts, your words, your art, your activism, your neuroses. Own it all. Don’t lose yourself. Don’t sacrifice your well-being for the wrong people. Don’t erase yourself, because you can’t replace yourself.

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