The Dream

The Dream

There is a dream that dances through her broken brain on repeat.

An empty school bus arrives. But where are her babies? Panic sets in as she watches the other children run to their mothers. The town unites to search for the missing tots. But the woods are deep, dark and brambled. The neighbors call for her children. She cries out their names. She can’t rest until they’re found. They have no coats. He has a cold. She is hungry. Fisher cats wail in the distance. They mock her cries. The crickets drown out her voice as she screams. She falls onto her knees, mud splashes in her eyes and she can’t see.

Her children’s father takes her hand and leads her from the woods. She is relieved that he is finally taking her home. Maybe the children are there. Maybe they’re waiting for her. Yes, they must be dirty and scratched, but surely they’re safe at home.

She sees the house in the distance and she knows her babies are inside. She rushes through the door calling for them. Flames surround her. She hears her children screaming from upstairs. They shriek “Mommy, help!” She tries to save them, but they’re out of reach. The flames pirouette around her and approach. She hears him cackle as her babies cry. The flames consume her.


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