The Contract

The Contract

They sent my abuser a “Basic Terms of Residence” contract a few weeks after he tried to kill me. He was recovering from severe burns after he’d caught himself on fire burning my house to the ground. He’d destroyed our home and, like me, was left without a permanent residence. So they offered up their house while he continued to recover, provided he accepted their terms.

This was a serious and traumatic event, yet they treated it like a business deal. They were on a mission and my well-being was definitely not part of their agenda.

They’d already sent not one, but two letters to my family stating I was equally to blame for the crimes my abuser had been charged with, which were arson, animal cruelty (because he’d killed my dog) and my own attempted murder. They hadn’t spoken to me once since the fire, but they’d determined that I should go down for these felonies that I did not commit.

The contract stated that I should accept responsibility for my contribution to my dysfunctional relationship with my abuser. It also stated I must completely disengage from Twitter and fully engage in psychological evaluation and counseling. And finally, it stated that my abuser and I may not communicate with one another without supervision.

The document had three signature lines, one for my abuser and one for his sister and brother-in-law, who had concocted the ridiculous contract. Strangely, although I had specific responsibilities according to their brilliant pact, I was never asked to sign it, nor was I provided with a copy.

What they failed to realize was that my abuser was incapable of going “no contact” where I was concerned. He simply signed the silly document and then continued to stalk, harass and threaten me. He even told me he’d signed a contract but that he had no intention of complying with the “no contact” terms. And when I asked to see what he’d signed, he sent me a copy.

This was the third time my abuser’s family had blame-shifted in writing and the third time they had neglected to inform me of their activities. They placed culpability on the crime victim in order to lighten the burden of accountability on the criminal. My abuser’s family threw me under the bus (or in this case, the fire truck) and then bamboozled my own family into repeatedly driving it right over me.

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