Gaslighting and Flying Monkeys 101

Gaslighting and Flying Monkeys 101

It’s the night before the historic impeachment vote and Donald Trump has taken manipulation to a whole new level by sending a six-page rant-filled letter to Speaker Pelosi. The letter serves as documentation of belittling, bullying, accusing, blaming, shaming, demanding, ordering, threatening, criticizing, raging, and name-calling directed at Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Party. It’s obvious Trump is unhinged. It’s obvious he is a threat to national security. And, to me, it’s obvious that this is behavior typical of a narcissistic abuser.

I cannot possibly describe how sickening it feels because I’ve been on the receiving end of letters just like this. I was belittled, bullied, threatened and raged-at by my abuser for years. And, like Speaker Pelosi, I have written documentation of the same unhinged behavior. It’s incredibly triggering to witness what Trump is doing not only to Pelosi but to all of America. And what I find infuriating is that he is enabled by his flying monkeys within the GOP to abuse his power and thus abuse every single one of us.

Flying monkeys are the narcissist’s enablers. They could be family, friends, religious leaders, counselors or, in Trump’s case, political cohorts. Flying monkeys may not realize what they are doing. In fact, they may actually believe in their righteousness and in the “cause” of the malignant narcissist. They’ll reject you, they’ll shame you and they’ll tell you that you’re crazy. In doing the abuser’s bidding, the gaslighting of the victim is compounded and revictimization happens.

America is a family in crisis. A malignant narcissist is abusing his power, attempting to cover it up and playing the victim card. The irony is that this time my abuser’s flying monkeys are also on the receiving end of the narcissistic abuse.

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