Let Me Go

Let Me Go

I have to wonder why every single day at least one of you reads my blog. You were the ones who rejected me, remember? Why do you care what I have to say now? You didn’t care when I desperately needed you to, but it’s obvious you care now, at least about my writing. It confuses me. I’ve let you all go. I’m living my best life and that includes writing about my experiences. It’s my right to blog about it because it’s MY story.

What do you want? Do I scare you that much? Are you afraid of what “crazy me” might say about you? Or perhaps its simply because you need more fuel for your fire, more reason to justify your failures, more reason to blame the crime victim. You sure as hell don’t want an actual relationship where you’d have to take an introspective look at yourselves and apologize for failing me. Instead, you just stalk my website for each new blog.

So here’s a New Years resolution for you. Forget that I exist, like I’m doing with you. Let it go and move on without the weakest link in your pseudo-mutual chain of false narratives. That link was broken years ago anyway.

Happy New Year.

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