A Debt of Pride

A Debt of Pride

A Guest Post From RK

Once, I asked for an explanation from a family. I was met with a litany of excuses, supposedly mitigating circumstances, and anger. No explanation. The fact that I got a response, though the one I wasn’t asking for, speaks to the pain of an open wound. All I wanted was an explanation, but I got attacked because my request was evidently salt in that open wound. Maybe a little salt would be good to remind people of the injury that has been treated only with the opium of denial.

Someone once wrote of a door with a sign on it that said, ‘required equipment for heroes’, but anyone that opened the door was greeted only with tragic circumstances. No one should want to be a hero, but sometimes it is thrust upon us. And sometimes even good people fail. Sometimes a higher force tests a family. Imagine the disappointment in the ancestors to see a family tested and falling short.

Sometimes, helping isn’t easy. It requires communication, patience, understanding. It requires apologies and forgiveness. All of these things are free, and why not give freely of things that are free. Pride is a debt that weighs us down, and some of us owe more than others. But it is a debt that can be abandoned without repayment. You just need to ask.

Where are the bridge builders? Where are the people that can see the chasm and can throw a rope across? Or is everyone too impotent to foster the changes that heal? Is everyone too far in debt with pride to act to make a better world for all? How easy it is to claim to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I would like to see action before the claims, before the Facebook and Twitter posts, before wearing a pin that says what a decent person you are.

I have to say that perhaps you are not bad people, but being ‘not bad people’ is setting the bar pretty low. Now is not the time for inaction and complacency. Where are all the heroes that are willing to face the door that reveals tragic circumstances?

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